Doom. That's the only thing Sadow thought as he scrambled on the floor and looked around feveroushly for a place to hide. Sadow had gotten on Kiwi's bad side once. It was when she had caught him watching a video that was... well, not of her liking. He hadn't done it out of pure lust. Merely curiosity. But still, she had nearly rendered him unnable to reproduce from the experience. And he had heard her voice screaming like a torrent of souls in agony racing across the streets, his own name the apex of it's wrath. Mega-Crap.

" no....."

After the end of his thoughts, the blonde's light, distressed moan came to his ears. She was slightly rustling, her body twisting in clear discomfort. "What have I done.... stay back...." She continued to whisper, eyes contorting in what seemed to be pain. "Please....don't...hurt me....." Sweat was sliding down the showable parts of her skin. She wasn't speaking to Sadow at all, because she was still asleep. But her mind was very much alive to a certain extent, locked in some sort of hallucination.

Sadow knew doom was imminent but... couldn't help but spare a moment to notice the woman's distress. What was she scared of? Was she sick?

"Please...." She continued to plead to nothing, writhing quietly between the sheets. "Leave me alone.... our son's in the other room, you can't--"

Then, without warning, she let out a pained gasp. Her jerks became more violent, and her pleas became louder and more desperate. "N-no!! What have I done?!! LET ME GO!!!" She shrieked, tears coming from her eyes. "PLEASE!!! DON'T DO IT, I'M BEGGING YOU!!!!" This was followed by agonized yells. Her fingers acted like claws on the bedsheets, gripping tighter and tighter as she struggled against the force in her mind.

Sadow looked comically unnerved and tried to shake her awake. "H-Human! Wake up! Wake up!"

Immediately, her eyes snapped open.

They were full of nothing but fear, anger, and hate, if only for a second. She was breathing heavily, sweat running down her face like a river. Her body was shaking slightly in Sadow's hands, her body heat having arisen due to her violent actions. "S....sadow....?" She managed to say weakly, blinking a few times with her tear-stained eyes. "That you....?"

He nodded "You were having a nightmare."

The blonde smiled weakly. "At least.... I don't have to explain those to you, do I....?"

He chuckled slightly "No... We Vextrians rarely have them but when we do they are... horrible..."

"No kidding...." Nihilana put her face in her hands, letting out a sigh of exasperation and exhaustion. She didn't want to go back to sleep now. But it was only 2 or 3:00! She had plenty of time to get her rest before the official "morning" started. She sniffled a little, only kept awake by the fear of her nightmare coming back. "I...." She slowly slid herself off of the bed, her hair hanging over her eyes. "I think I'm going to get something to drink from the kitchen.... sink's still intact from what I saw...." She hesitantly began to walk away, her gait a bit unsteady.

Kiwi burst through the door, practically breaking it down from the lock "Where is he?! Where is that arrogant, self-centered, son of a bitch?!" Otto was crawling to reach her. Both were drenched from the lake water. "Kiwi... Please... wait..."

The voices caused Nihilana to stop at the top of the stairs, ears perking for a moment.

"....I don't need this...." She inwardly complained, raising her hands to her eyes and wiping at them in frustration. How many more times was there going to be people waking her up in the middle of the night?! First an alien, and then a police officer! This time, it was probably a neighbor or something looking for someone else.... she continued to step downwards, her dreary eyes feasting themselves onto the two as she walked.

Sadow uneasily poked his head out from the room and greeted "I... I told you to stay on the ship-" Kiwi bursted "Quiet you... you pervert!" Sadow shrunk back, afraid. "But... I wasn't..."

And this must've been the so-called Kiwi....

However, at the moment, that was farther from Nihilana's mind.

Immediately, she broke into a sprint past Kiwi, grabbing the door handle and shutting it quickly before any attraction could be picked up. Taking in a deep breath, she turned her gaze towards the two and folded her arms across her chest. "You must be Kiwi, right....?" She asked, keeping a polite tone within her voice. "Sorry, but I'm going to have to ask you to keep your voice down. You're going to attract attention...."

"LIKE YOU'RE IN ANY POSITION TO-" Kiwi yelled, being cut off by Sadow quickly closing her mouth with his hand from behind her, keeping her restrained with his free arm. A daring move on his part.

Nihilana breathed a sigh of relief at her guest's intervention. "You have my eternal gratitude, Sadow....." She said immediately, giving a small bow. She walked over, placing her hands onto her knees and looking down on the slightly shorter woman. "Now.... if I may ask, with you having a more contained tone.... what's wrong?"

Kiwi made several muffled accusations toward Nihilana and Sadow smiled embarrassedly "Can you excuse us for a moment?"

"....yeah....go ahead....."

Sadow dragged her into Nihilana's room and half-closed the door. Loud whispering could be heard "What are you doing here?! Where's the ship?!" Kiwi protested "That's not important right now! What are you doing sleeping with an Earthling?! They're our enemies! What do you think you're doing?!" In the meantime, Otto repaired Nihilana's door for her with simple tools at his disposal. "Shall I also fix your roof?" he asked in a polite, metallic voice.


Nihilana could only stare with comical eyes for a moment. Of course, one of the few stereotypes about aliens in her head had came true: they had machines that could fix Earth stuff as if putting together a simple puzzle! She snapped out of it, looking towards the ruined roof. "Uhm.... just to avoid suspicion of you guys being here.... please don't, at least for the moment." She murmured, folding her arms under her breasts. "By the way...." She turned her head to look over at the machine. "Do you have a name?"

He nodded "Ottomaton. But please, call me Otto." He bowed with courtesy as Sadow and Kiwi bickered in her room.

The blonde nodded respectively. "All right....Otto...." Since she doubted she would have to wait a while before she could go back to sleep again, she took to sitting in one of the living room chairs. "So.... if you can, would you tell me exactly why your friend barged in here like that....?" She asked quietly, her eyes drifting towards the upstairs.

Otto sighed "Her blatant attraction to Sadow fired up her jealous natu-" He was cut off by Kiwi yelling through the door "Shut it, Otto!"

"....she's going to prove to be a LOT of trouble...."

Immediately, Nihilana covered her ears and winced at the loudness of the voice until its attention was once again focused on Sadow. Then, she uncovered her ears. Oh, great.... if there was jealously involved, she and Kiwi would have a bit of a problem adjusting with each other's goals if--

Wait a minute.


"....she thinks I'm trying to hook up with her friend Sadow.... isn't she....?" She asked dryly, a face falling to her palm.

Otto nodded discretely, not daring to answer verbally lest he once again incur Kiwi's wrath.

"....I'm really wondering what have I ever done to get dragged into situations like this...." Now she put her face in both hands in an exasperated manner. "You think I should go up there and try to help the guy convince her otherwise?"

Otto shook his metal cranium "No need. All it will take is a cookie and a hug to get Kiwi-" Loud sobs were heard as Sadow blushed and heled Kiwi in his arms, her body fragily against his. "I just... don't want... to... lose you..." she rasped out. Sadow looked away embarrassedly "Kiwi, control yourself... Geez..."

Slowly, Nihilana raised her head up. If it were a drawn moment, there would've been a question mark flashing above the woman's head just now. She once again turned her gaze towards the upstairs. "Wow.... guess I can leave her to him, I suppose...." She muttered, finally deciding to stand up. "Either way.... I've.... gotta.... get some sleep. It's going on 2:30.... Christ, if that nightmare hadn't woken me up, I would've gotten to sleep a little more....!" This was followed by a yawn and a stretch of her back.

Otto stood as well "If you'd like, Kiwi programmed me to be a fluent masseuse as well."

"A... what....?"

He clarified "I can massage and loosen your joints for better relaxation. It seems you've been through a lot."


A rather enthusiastic smile came across the woman's face, her eyes squinted. She folded her hands behind her back. "Y'know, I wasn't thinking about it until you mentioned it, but that does sound like a good idea... thank you, Otto!" She turned away from him, motioning with a nod of her head for the robot to follow her upstairs before she went up herself.

Otto internally congratulated himself "Yes! A night alone with a pretty lady! My luck is changing!" Sadow, alas, had to comfort Kiwi down in the living room. What a night this has been.

Nihilana would've gladly agreed with that statement.

She opened the door and stepped inside, walking over to her bed. To her relief, she saw much of her scattered articles of clothing back in the drawer, although in a rather stuffed and disorganized manner. She went over to flop herself down on her bed, lying onto her stomach. She rested her arms under the side of her head, her eyes facing the direction where Otto would've been. "So.... I take it your this Sadow guy's personal robot, huh?" She guessed. "Or something equivalent to that...."

Otto was somewhat annoyed by this notion. To think he was a piece of property was a little demeanoring. He had feelings too... "Well, technically, I serve Kiwi, but..."

"Oh!" The woman gave a slight nod out of realization. "I take that back, then. Sorry!"

He nodded. If he had a face, he'd smile reassuringly "Don't fret about it." With this, his chest opened like a compartment cupboard and out came a pair of skinny arm-like appendages with soft paddle-shaped hands. They smoothed across her back slowly in a soothing manner. "Oh joy..." he thought to himself.

Upon the initial contact, Nihilana stiffened for a brief moment. Otto had been right - the events that had taken place really took its toll on her. It felt as if someone had taken some sort of iron bar, took out her spinal chords, and replaced that bar with it! However, the relaxing movements immediately shut out whatever demons that had possessed her. She closed her eyes and let out a satisfied sigh, allowing herself to relax against the touch. "I guess...." She began, her voice light and soft. " both will be staying with Sadow, right?"

He sighed in aggravation at Kiwi's recklessness "Since our ship is sinking to the bottom of the ocean: Yes. We will be. If you do not mind, of course."

"Well...." Nihilana mused thoughtfully. "It's really going to be hard attempting to keep you guys a secret.... especially with what's been happening.... but...." Her voice sounded tired, and she paused to let out a short yawn. If feeling good could hurt, then this massage would've killed her ten times over! It was helping her out with her sleep pattern. "I think I could....manage....."

Otto finished her massage as she dozed off. And so this day was over. But soon new challenges would arise.

New ChallengesEdit

... And Patrick ducked and weaved, predicting his opponent's movements perfectly as he dodged incoming energy blasts, fists and kicks. Whatever he couldn't dodge, he blocked skillfully, and every counter-attack took away a significant bit of the opponents health. He was on the way to defeating his enemy without so much as a single scratch to his person! Finally, his enemy let his guard down for the final time, and as he did, Patrick rea--



The disgruntled sleep-depraved man was startled by the sudden beeping of his alarm clock. How had so many hours passed so quickly? All he had done was defeat the Final Boss in The Legend of Zelda, and get through the entire campaign of a fighting game before mastering it and owning random people he met onli--

... Okay, so perhaps he had wasted a fair amount of his time.

But, by the time he had re-gathered his wits, his opponent had taken advantage of his momentary inactivity and KO'd him... His perfect record had just been abolished. He was fucking done with this game now. If he couldn't be the best at it, there was really no point.

And so, Patrick stood, scratched his ass, and took off for the shower, to prepare himself for what was sure to be a boring and uneventful day. Maybe if he got too bored, he'd check up on Nihiliana... After all, she did have a huge gaping hole in her roof. There couldn't be much for her to do.

"....if taking one's own life wasn't a sin, I'd kill myself right now...."

Somewhere else, an equally disgrunted Nihilana lay facedown on the pillows, muttering incomprehensible curses in the fabric. Then, she slowly rose her face off, bleak eyes staring at nothing. Slowly, she propped herself up to a sitting position, continuously wiping at her eyes. " know what, I'm just going to just skip work today...." She muttered to herself drowsily. "People are going to notice that hole real soon now that it's daytime, and I want to keep this house to myself for as long as possible...."

She slid out of the bed--


--only to fall flat onto her face.

"Oooohhhhhnnnn...... Lord have....mercy....." She groaned in pain, voice muffled in the ground.

Otto's TV screen-like face lit up upon hearing sound and his head swiveled to face Nihilana "Oh! Good morning, Nihilana."

"If you want my honest opinion....? Now, I don't find it so great...."

This muffled statement was followed by a slow raising of her figure. She was on her knees, forelegs spread apart. She had her hands on both sides of her legs, and her hair was dangled over her eyes. "But.... since I haven't busted in any teeth yet.... I think it's not that bad...." She half-groaned, taking in a deep breath. "Were you here all night?"

Otto nodded, a whirring sound escaping it's jointed neck "Indeed. You had rapid eye movement, a sign of dreaming."

A sigh escaped the blonde, and she brought herself to stand back up to brush herself off. "At least it wasn't the dream from before...." She muttered to herself, stretching a little. "I might as well get ready for today. Considering what happened, I don't think it would be a good idea to go to work today." Once she was done, she proceeded to approach the bathroom. "You might want to check up on Sadow and Kiwi, though....I'm gonna be here a while, y'know?"

Otto approached the landing pod where Sadow had crashed into Nihilana's kitchen. He opened the pod door and Sadow fell out with a thud. "Gah! Hey!" Following that, the robot continued on and opened the oven to find Kiwi scrounged up inside it, asleep. From a human's perspective, it would look very uncomfortable.



An excited Malcolm had thrown himself at Otto, slamming into the robot full-force. He sat on his back, looking down on his unfortuate target with a smile. "Mom never said anything about a robot that talks!" He commented. "The aliens sure have the best stuff~!"

Otto's TV screen face was staticky for a moment before coming back online. It observed the young child carefully "Human. Child. Rambunctious. Caution advised when dealing with this one, Sadow." Sadow looked up at Malcom with an observatory glance "What's your name, human?"

"Hey!" Malcolm frowned lop-sidedly, glaring childishly at the bigger man. "I'm not human. I'm Malcolm!" He folded his arms across his chest, bouncing up and down a little as he continued to sit on the robot's torso.

Sadow corrected "Malcom is not a species, it is a designation of individuality. Now if you'd please remove yourself from my automated assistant."

The designation had immediately diverted the child's interest.

Now, he was focused on the screen of the robot, tilting his head curiously in order to inspect the TV-screen. "Ooooh, is this a television? I wanna watch Crashbox!" Immediately, he began fiddling with the robot's head, attempting to find what was supposed to be a television switch or a remote. "Mom said it was in the hundreds...."

Humourously enough, the screen indeed began switching channels, going from a football game to an infomercial to an erotic scene in an adult movie.

"....wait, what's this, Mr. Sadow?"

Unfortunately, Malcolm's curiosity was enough to make him stop at the latter. He stared at it for a moment, tilting his head to the side. "It looks like....two people.... wrestling...." He commented, putting a finger to his mouth. "And they're making the same noises that Mom and Evil-Dad used to make...."

Sadow and Kiwi both scrambled to change the channel "Turn it off! For the love of Aquatia, Otto, turn it off!" They flipped a switch and the screen went black, Otto being turned off.

"Aww....!" Malcolm whined.

They both sighed in relief. That was one horrible disaster evicted. "Just... forget you saw anything, human." Sadow assured.

"Fine...." Not exactly pleased with the results, Malcolm scrambled off of Otto and stood back up. "You guys are no fun-- hey!" However, his attention was immediately diverted to the shotgun Nihilana had left on the counter. He ran over to it, jumping onto the counter and bending over it. "Mom left her fire stick here!"

As soon as he reached it, he found it cut in half with Sadow sheathing his sword behind him "Oh would you look at that! Fire-stick's broken. That's too bad. I suppose we'll just have to leave it alone then."

"Ah!" This time, Malcolm looked over in shock at it, before turning his gaze towards Sadow. "That was Mom's...." He whispered, putting his hands to his mouth. "Mom's going to kill you for breaking her fire stick...."

Kiwi crossed her arms at him "You can't just go breaking people's things..." Sadow shrugged "It's a human. What's the worse that could happen?"

"Mom's gonna kill you! Mom's gonna kill you!""

Malcolm continued with his charade, getting off of the counter and started dancing around the two tauntingly. He repeated the words like a broken mantra in a sing-song voice, continuing to tease Sadow about the predicament he created for himself.

Sadow became increasingly annoyed by the child, clutching his sword's handle threateningly and mumbling behind clenched teeth "Not if I kill you both first ya' little-" Kiwi cut in "No, Sadow. You're getting too worked up over a child."

Immediately, Malcolm stopped in his tracks at the sound of Kiwi's voice, eyes looking over Kiwi for a moment. "Hey...." He muttered, walking slowly towards her. "You were the loud lady last night." He gave a rather bright smile in her direction. "I'm Malcolm. What's your name?"

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