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Nihilana Chambers
Nihilana's Profile Picture
Name Nihilana Chambers
Race Human
Birthday Unspecified
Age Unspecified
Gender Female
Height Unspecified
Weight Unspecified
Eyes Blue
Hair Blonde
Blood Type Unspecified
Professional Status
Affiliation None
Previous Affiliation None
Occupation Nurse at Good Samaritan Hospital
Previous Occupation None
Team None
Previous Team None
Partner None
Previous Partner None
Base of Operations Los Angeles, California
Personal Status
Marital Status Widowed
Relatives Malcolm Chambers (son)
Education Unknown
Status Alive
Signature Skill Medical Experience

Nihilana Chambers is one of the central characters in Unconditional. She is a trained nurse working in Good Samaritan Hospital, though it is not yet specified what her specialty in medical training is. She lives in California with her 11-year-old son Malcolm.

Overview Edit

Personality Edit

Outwardly, Nihilana serves as an individual with a kind and gentle nature. In contrast to the irritable Patrick, she is rather optimistic almost to an exaggerated degree, rarely showing negative emotions such as anger and irritability. She is an adamant believer of Christianity and commonly voices it both directly and vaguely. In the times that she is agitated, she is capable of getting violent, her anger getting the best of her. She seems to hold no social regard for anyone that approaches her informally; despite the fact that he was a detective, Nihilana slapped Patrick out of retribution for playfully holding her up for money. However, she is also quick to forgive the incident at hand, unable to hold a grudge towards anyone.

An unusual trait she has is carrying a needle around at all times, which is often mistaken for use for narcotics. At one point, she is found sleeping with the needle wet with water in her hands; and indication that she often washes it.

Biography Edit

So far, little is known of Nihilana's biography. Hints and little details can be glimpsed at through Unconditional's progression. The most particular hint is in her confrontation with a drugged stalker. The needle she carries around is not used for medical reasons; while she is being stalked by a drugged civilian, Nihilana was presumably preparing to stab the person with it in cold blood, and it is only do to Patrick's indirect intervention that she changed her thoughts. This suggests experience in murder, giving the impression that she has some sort of background in killing.

Character History Edit

Nihilana makes her first appearance in the chapter So It Begins, having recently woken up from a night's sleep. Nihilana's outward nature is established rather quickly as she is preparing for the day, as seen with her interaction with her son. During a bike ride to her workplace, she unwittingly crashes into a fire hydrant and tumbles in the middle of a street, nearly getting hit by a car in the process. After being promptly cussed out, Nihilana is greeted by Patrick, who tricks her into believing he is a thug holding her up for money and scaring her. After he reveals himself, she angrily slaps him and scolds him for his actions. After a short conversation, Patrick drives Nihilana the rest of the way to the hospital due to her bike being severely damaged beyond repair.

After tending to a final patient, Nihilana gathers her things and walks home, only to be stalked by a drugged civilian shortly after. Because he is not discouraged by her warnings, she proceeds to pull out her needle and stab him. However, Patrick's car drives by, his headlights stunning the both of them as he is driving away. As he is getting out of the car, Nihilana uses him as an opportunity to get away from her stalker by pretending to be his wife. He successfully plays along, threatening the stalker away. After apologizing to Patrick for the trouble, she is once again offered to be driven home. She accidentally allows her needle to fall from her coat pocket, prompting Patrick to question whether or not she has taken narcotics. This is the discussion that takes place through the duration of the drive, promptly ending when Patrick stops in front of Nihilana's house. After entering her home and being greeted excitedly by a sleepy Malcolm, she proceeds into the kitchen with the needle in hand.

During the night, Sadow Yatsumaru, Kiwi, and Otto approach Earth. Sadow disembarks from the cruiser ship via a landing pod to a remote area of the planet. However, due to miscalculation in coordinates, his pod crashes into Nihilana's home and partially destroys her kitchen. Nihilana is awoken first, mistaking the crash for someone breaking into her home. Pulling out a Winchester Model 70 shotgun from underneath her couch, she breaks through the door and holds Sadow at gun-point, only to be shocked at seeing the crashed pod. As Malcolm makes his own appearance to see the cause of the damage, Sadow draws his blade against the two and effectively creates a stand-off. Through the tension, Nihilana manages to explain the situation that Sadow is in, managing to succeed to talk the alien down. She offers to hide him from the public eyes, which he accepts. For the night, she allows him to stay in her home and sleep in her own bed. However, she is forced to sleep with him due to a visit from Patrick and having to derail him from suspicions of her knowledge about the incident. As Kiwi is keeping a close eye on them via security, this prompts her to indignantly crash-land the cruiser (despite Otto's protests) and track Sadow down to Nihilana's home. She greets both Nihilana and Sadow with anger, forcing the latter to subdue her and talk to her privately. After reconciliations, Nihilana heads back up to her room in order to again, with the assistance of Otto via a back massage.

Relationships With Other Characters Edit

Malcolm Chambers Edit

Nihilana harbors a deep love for her son, traditional to that of a relationship between a mother and her offspring. She seems to be able to cope with Malcolm's hyperactivity much easier than anyone else, noting that it often brought her relief.

Patrick Edit

Nihilana's first interaction with Patrick is when she is held at gunpoint by him in a scare joke, which she physically reprimands him for. Despite this rocky start, they initially develop a rather formal relationship towards each other. In their second encounter, Nihilana trusts him enough to give him a kiss on the cheek as a simple guise to drive off a nearby stalker. From this point on, their actions towards each other seem more friendly and informal. Patrick is not above insulting Nihilana occasionally and making sarcastic remarks directed towards her, which she simply brushes off.

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