"Failure." The room they were in was dark and cold. Sadow knew it all too well. The Elder's Meeting Chambers. Here they often came up with back-breaking, humiliating punishments for his supposed atrocities. He knew better. They were merely testing him. It was endurance. But this time, he would be given something far worse than any other punishment could entail. And he was ready to face it head-on. "A complete disregard for traditions. Sadow, that recent battle was a complete disgrace. Not only did the enemy commander escape unharmed, but they managed to steal the sacred Harnenine crystal that powers our cities! With it, they can duplicate and prosper! Do you have any idea how much this will cost us?!" Sadow looked up at them, emotionlessly "I do, Magistrate Sanctun. I will accept any punishment you give me." He held up a hand "No, child. Instead, you are being reassigned to a meager planet." His hand shifted over to a pedestal and a hologram glowed to life atop it. One of a small planet. Earth. "The natives call this Earth. It is made up 70% water, 40% land. There are many different peoples on it, most of them squandering against each other. They are weak and they are vulnerable. You are to take a single Tracker ship there and conquer them immediately." Sadow was perplexed by this. He was being... rewarded? For nearly dooming the Empyre's war effort? "A-As you wish, Magistrate. I will not fail you." He warned in his old, croaking voice "I certainly hope not, Yatsumaru Sadow. For if you do, you will be bound and cast toward the star nearest to Earth, what they call the Sun." Sadow nodded "I will leave at once, Magistrate. Good day." At this, he turned. It was time to reclaim his honour. "So it begins..." he thought to himself.

Hot in L.A. Edit

"Welcome to Hotel California.... such a beautiful place... such a beautiful face."

A light-skinned hand reached out from the covers of a comfortable bed and gently pressed the "Snooze" button, effectively nullifying the sound of what was a rather peaceful song. "Mmmm....." Came the rather feminine groan from underneath those sheets. Slowly, the figure of a woman arose, blond hair tattered around her in a messy manner and covering her face. She slid herself from her bed, her feet landing into her slippers. As she stood up, the clothing of a bed robe could be seen around her figure. She placed her hands onto her waist, nodding her neck from side to side to work out the muscles. She let out a heavy sigh, taking the first steps forward into the bathroom. "Well.... here goes the start of another day at work...." She murmured to herself, stepping inside and shutting the door behind her.

This was Nihilana Chambers, one of the many citizens living in Los Angeles. She was a divorced woman, living together with her young son. She worked as a nurse in the local hospital, and as such served her daily time of treating patients and taking care of sickness. There was nothing out of the ordinary compared to the rest of the people; she was just another person trying to make a living in the world. She had a home of her own, a social security number, the capability of paying her taxes on time, and overall the manners of any law-abiding resident of L.A. At that given moment, she didn't think that fact would change any time soon.

Oh, how she was ever wrong.

But we'll get to that later, shall we?

Anyway, as she removed the articles of clothing and stepped into the shower, she felt the slightly warm water splash her in the face to give her nervous system a necessary jolt in order to awaken her mind. It was a habit of turning on the water several minutes before taking a brief nap in order to rest her eyes. Down below her in the kitchen, she could hear her 12-year-old son Malcom's footsteps and actions as they tended to the making of cereal. A slight smile came over her lips. The boy was always the hyperactive type, scurrying around the house like a rat. She didn't mind, though. It always helped to lighten up the mood of the environment for her. To hear the sounds brought slight relief to her person. Silence in the house always seemed to mean something bad....

As she finished cleansing herself, she grabbed a pre-readied set of clothing off of the sink counter. It was her nurse uniform which consisted of a red light coat and what appeared to be a white, one-piece dress underneath. The bottom stopped to her legs in the fashion of a skirt. She took a good look at herself into the mirror, using her hands to smooth out any "errors" in her blond strands of hair. Then, once she was satisfied, she turned on her heel and walked off, exiting both her personal bathroom and her bedroom to head back downstairs. She took a deep breath, putting on a cheery smile as she made her way down the steps and into the kitchen.

Malcolm was already at the table, and he gave an excited wave as his mother came towards her. "Morning, Mom!" He greeted happily. Though he was 12 years of age, he had long, black hair that fell down past his shoulders. Two particular strands stuck up on the back of his head like antennae - his very own mark of a unique individuality. He wore a green, long-sleeved shirt with a blue vest, as well as dark brown pants. He had a habit of not wearing shoes when around the house; something that his mother had often chided him for when running around like he did. His legs were bouncing up and down in his chair as he watched Nihilana take her seat right across from him.

"Good morning, dear..." She answered gently, leaning over to give him a peck on the forehead.

And so it would begin. They would sit and have breakfast while talking merrily about the possibilities of the day. Then, after they were finished, Malcolm would set off to gather his things to catch the bus, while Nihilana would branch off to head into the outside to grab her bicycle. Occasionally, she would take her car, but she preferred to keep exercise as much as possible. She would take the bike, walk it to the sidewalk, then hop on and start pedaling down to her workplace. It wasn't very far, and the distance was perfectly balanced so that she would always get to work on time and wouldn't tire herself out getting there. She would get the eye from some bystanders (after all, it was a peculiar sight to see a nurse riding on a bicycle in a casual manner), but they were easily ignored.

Now, she was doing it again, pumping the pedals through an almost empty city in order to reach her destination in time. She was carrying a duffel bag on her shoulder which swung about as the bike maintained a constant and quick speed.

The Epic of GilgameshEdit

Patrick ducked rolled between the monster's legs.

Without his sword, this was becoming somewhat difficult. The monster had knocked it out of the ring of fire it itself had created. Vile creature. At least he stood there knowing that the princess was looking after it. As he came out from beneath Ganon's backside, he raised his hammer and slammed it on the creature's tail. It squealed, then turned, unleashing a flurry of blade strikes at him.

Patrick grimaced. Blood spurted from his shoulder as he rolled away a second time. But, he was still strong enough to continue.

He loaded a light arrow and shot it with precise aim, hitting the creature between the eyes. It recoiled, and for the third time, he rolled between the monster's legs, kicking up dust as he did so. Once he came out the other side, he turned, and struck it in the tail once again with the hammer. And Ganon fell! The ring of fire disappated! He could retrieve his sword and ki--


Patrick's eyes begrudgingly pulled themselves away from the screen of his TV, and to the clock resting above it. 6:30 AM. Time for work... already? He had only been up all night playing Zelda!... Maybe he would just call in sick today....

But... then... The department had already gotten wise to his calling in sick when he was playing a game. Without a note from a doctor, he was sure to get fired. So, he stood, grabbed some pants from the other side o the couch, pulled them on, and headed out the door for work.

Surprisingly, he didn't look that bad. He had showered the night before; he shaved, too. The only thing wrong with his appearance would be a slight case of bed-head and small wrinkles on his clothes. He watched with dull interest as the same woman who rode by his house everyday came and went; she had a perfectly good car, but she still insisted on riding the bike in that ridiculous nurse's outfit. At least she looked rather good in it; otherwise he would've cursed her out already...

With a click, the door to his car opened, and his hopped inside.

"Another glorious fucking day..."

The sounds of whistling could be heard from the nurse biker as she rode through the sidewalk, blonde hair rippling behind her. She carefully took one hand off of the handles of her bike in order to look at her wrist watch. The spare minutes that she had were ticking away.... it was most likely she would get there with perfect timing. She frowned a little, the possibility of eating lunch early fading away before her very eyes. Ugh.... this would make her have to eat her breakfast at home.... but that cost time! Letting out an annoyed grunt, she kept pedaling....

....unfortunately, the time she took to look at her watch caused her to take the eyes off of the sidewalk.

When she looked back up, there was a fire hydrant in her path.

A rather panicked smile came over her face.

"Oh, sh--"


Her front tire collided with it, and the back of the bike jerked upward. She let out a startled yell as she was uprooted from the bike and sent careening like a ball, though thankfully with not too long distance. However, she gritted her teeth and clenched her eyes shut as she hit the ground, the jolt of pain smacking into her arm which she had put in front of her to block her face. "O...owwww....!!!" She groaned, slowly pulling herself up to a sitting position and rubbing the affected spot on her arm. "Who's stupid enough to put a fire hydrant right in the middle of the--"

The sound of a car engine caught her ears immediately. Alarm was within her, and she jerked her head to the side to realize where she was.

She was in the middle of the road..... with a car heading straight towards her!

"AAAAAH!!!!" She screamed, throwing herself to the side and landing onto her stomach to barely avoid getting hit by the car. It stopped for a brief moment, and its door opened to reveal a rather angry and male occupant. He raised one of his hands out of the car, sticking up his middle finger at her. "Watch where you're crashing, you dumb blond bitch!!!" He snarled, before jerking himself back into the car and slamming the door shut. She looked on, body shaking slightly as it roared off. Then, she closed her eyes and let out a sigh, placing a hand to her heart. Sitting on the ground, she took a moment to re-compose herself.

"Good Lord..... someone's out to kill me today....." She muttered to herself.

And that's when she found herself staring down the barrel of a gun.

"Give me all of your money, bitch." The gruff male voice ordered. He wasn't being stupid; he was standing far enough away from her that his gun would be out her reach in case she decided to retaliate, but still close enough that he could ensure a shot without missing.

In his head, Patrick was snickering. He could already imagine the look on the woman's face when he revealed he was a police officer.

"....yep. I just knew it."

Inwardly, the woman was giving the man an exasperated look. Why did she always have to be right in a situation like this? Why did her intuition have to be right? Sometimes, she thought of it as a curse to women everywhere! The only situation in where it was good was to tell if your husband had been getting drunk, cheating on you, whatever the case may be. But she was divorced! The curse followed her everywhere!

Outwardly, a horrified gasp came from Nihilana, her mouth open and her eyes staring down at the barrel in disbelief. Quickly, she shut it, instinctively raising her hands up to the sky. "Please don't shoot!" She begged, her visage giving off fear. "I don't have any money on me!! Please, j-just.... let me go!!!" She looked around frantically. Why wasn't anyone helping her out here?! She was being held hostage, and no one had yet to bat an eyelash.

"Okay." Patrick holstered his gun and squatted down to the woman's level. "Well, I'm a Police Officer, and I saw you had quite the nasty spill there. I hope you'll forgive me for having a little fun at your expense." Inwardly, he was laughing hysterically. But, to show the woman he was serious, he showed her his badge. "Since your bike is pretty much useless now, how about I drive you to your hospital to make it up to you?" For whatever reason, he found himself being unnaturally polite.

It was unlike him.

He motioned to his car. "It's right over there."

Nihilana blinked a few times. "A...little fun...." She repeated slowly, registering the words and processing them within her mind. For a moment, she was serene, even as she studied the man for a while. She took in a deep breath, calming herself from her fear now that she knew that the man that stood before her was a police officer. He was offering her a free ride to her destination. She really had no choice if she wanted to get to the hospital on time... and he was being so nice....


Unfortunately, that didn't stop her from delivering swift retribution to the man's face.

"A little fun?!" She said angrily, quickly rising up to her feet and glaring down at the officer. "You immature jerk, scaring the life out of me like that!!" She kept this glare for a few moments, before she closed her eyes and let out an aggravated sigh. She placed a hand onto on her face for a moment. "But.... I was raised a good and forgiving" Drawing her hand away from her face, she clasped both hands together and gave a warm smile. "Thanks for giving me a helping hand. I believe I'll take it."

Patrick recoiled backwards quickly, one of his own hands shooting up to inspect the now-tender area she had struck. The corresponding eye was tearing up, and he rubbed it slowly, inspecting if the woman's nails had left any permanent marks. That hurt like a bitch! He hadn't even expected it... Though, it wasn't as if he expected her to take his playing well.

"A good and forgiving girl.... Right..." He muttered. She was liking she had such a nice smile, or she'd already be on her way to the precinct for assaulting an officer of the law. "Anyway... Right this way, ma'am. Since we've wasted so much time prattling, I'll rush a little and get you there earlier than you normally would." He hopped in the driver's side door. She could show herself into the passenger's side.

Understanding the circumstances, Nihilana hopped into the passenger's side and shut the door behind her. She had to adjust the duffel bag off of her shoulders in order for her and it to fit in the seat. She raised an arm to grasp the buckle and pull it in order to fasten her seat belt. "It's just a couple blocks from here. First three, you keep going straight." She explained right off of the bat so that he wouldn't get confused. "When you reach the end of the fourth block, you make a right, and there you are! It's only a short distance away...." She was thankful she didn't total farther away. Otherwise, she would've really been in trouble.

"Yeah, yeah..." Immediately, the man's fingers went to a switch behind the steering wheel...


They pulled out of the driveway with incredibly speed, and swerved onto the road without slowing at all! Rubber peeled off the tires as he shot down the road, avoiding incoming cars while dodging around the one's in front of him with incredibly precision! They shot past three red lights, and when they finally got to the part for the turn, the back of the car ended up partially on the sidewalk, painting the spots it tread over black and making them smell like a burning tire. As they approached the hospital, he slammed on the breaks, stopping them at a speed that would have certainly thrown them both out the windshield had they not been buckled in.

His fingers hit the switch again, and the siren ceased it's wailing.

They had arrived in less than a minute.

"Here you are, ma'am. Have a nice day."

".... you can't be a police officer...."

Shocked at the sudden speed, Nihilana was certainly left in a rather dumbfounded and ruffled state as she stared blankly out of the windshield. Slowly, her hand grasped the handle of the door and forced it open. The other hand went to her buckle, unfastening herself from the seat and managing to get out. They seriously let him get away with that? The police were getting more reckless and reckless everyday!

Turning back, she bent over a little, each hand placed on both the roof of the car and the top of the open door, the grateful smile all too clear on her face. "Once again, thank you. God bless you!" She answered to his statement, giving him a nod as she shut the door. She would have to walk all the way home.... not to mention, she would have to start using the car until she got a new bike. But it was all right.... she'd still get home, wouldn't she?

As she walked away, his car slowly drove in the opposite direction.

"God, I hate my job..."

Arrival Edit

Star trek 2009 narada

The Vextrian Tracker Ship arriving in Earth's orbit.

In orbit, a large blue hole appeared and stretched wide, as far as a football field. Emerging from the hole was a collossal black ship designed with spikes protruding from the front. It hovered toward Earth as the hole closed, a young girl's voice announcing "We have just arrived in Earth's main orbit." The sun glared off the shiny metal as she continued "Thruster speeds slowing down, Engines cooling down. Radiation detection and sonic airwave frequencies functional. Life support is fully functional. Oxygen adjustment tanks are fully fu-" Sadow cut in "Kiwi, I told you already. You do not have to inform me of every little detail on the ship's operations." The girl frowned, her freckled nose twitching as she sneezed. She wiped it with a tissue and replied "My apologies, Sadow-sama. It's just... you're conquering an entire planet. I just want you to be careful down th-" A robot next to her interrupted "She just wants you to not scratch that pretty face of yours, Yatsumaru." She yelled "Otto!" In the locker room, Sadow had a towel wrapped around his waiste. The shower was refreshing but these two bickering over the intercoms was making him frustrated. Thank the Magistrates no one else but Otto, Kiwi, and he were on board, otherwise there would be punishments all around. "Quit bickering and hit the cloaking device. Otto, read the Radio chatter airwaves."
Kitsurubami 401


The robot nodded in compliance "As you wish, sir." It pressed a key and, booming over the intercoms, was a techno beat. Sadow clutched his ears in pain as Otto reeled back, it's volume sensors taking damage from how loud the music was. Kiwi was seen dancing to the beat in her chair as Sadow belowed "TURN THAT OFF! TURN IT OFF THIS INSTANT!" She frowned "Awww..." and pressed the key to turn off the Radio chatter. Sadow waited for the ringing in his ears to go away while commenting "These humans have very... painful ways of communication." Kiwi looked down at Otto "Uhhh... Are you alright? Otto?" The robot merely bleeped in pain as a response.

"...all right....looks like things aren't as serious as you thought they would've been...."

Nihilana stepped away from the female patient sitting onto the bed. She slowly closed his mouth, looking at the nurse expectantly. "Just a minor swelling of the airways, but there's nothing a little asthma treatment will fix." She moved over to a nearby table, picking up a blue bag and walking back over to the patient to give to her. "This little bag has a regulation machine along with the medicine contained in small packets. Just make sure to keep it stored in the refrigerator at all times. I recommend you use this once a day to ensure that your attacks decrease."

The patient smiled in relief, scratching the back of her head. "Thank you, Ms. Chambers!" She said gratefully. "You don't know how much you've lessened my worries! So, is that it?"

"Mhm!" Nihilana nodded, giving the go-ahead for the patient to hop off and walk over to the coat racket to pull down her jacket. "On the way out, though...." She handed a pink sheet of paper to the other woman. "You'll hand this in to the doctor at the window.

"I see. Thank you, once again!"

With that, the patient waved behind her and exited the room, leaving Nihilana to stand there for a moment. Once she was out, the blond woman sighed heavily as she looked at the clock. It was getting to be in the late afternoon. She had done nothing but diagnose and treat patients for several hours straight. She placed the back of her hand to her forehead. Sweat had beaded down her face, and she was breathing a bit harder due to all of the work. "Good Lord...." She groaned. "With all of the hours I put into this job, one would've thought I'd be a millionare...." Chuckling to herself, she walked over to the coat racket to grab her own coat. It was at this time she would be released from duty, and another doctor or nurse would take her shift. Grabbing her duffel back, she piled all of the necessary things before securing the strap over her shoulder and walking off.

Malcolm would most likely be at home by now, taking a nap. By the time she would get there, he would immediately awaken and excitedly greet her. Then, she'd go to make dinner for the two of them. After which, she'd shoo the boy to bed, read him a bed-time story to get him to sleep, and then head to her own room to sleep herself. She slumped her shoulders a little at the thoughts, a rather tired and weary feeling coming over her. This everyday life... it seemed so tiring, and she wasn't even yet 60. She was a young woman who had just ascended from her teens. Yet, it all seemed so.... repetitive.... boring....

Oh, well.

Life was life, after all.

It wasn't long before she exited the hospital, taking a look around. The sky was a brilliant orange, and the sun was going down over the horizon to signal near night. The thought of sleep relieved her greatly, and she immediately started walking briskly in the direction of her home. Already, she was starting to miss her bike. She would have to get a new one soon as possible.... maybe if she was lucky, the one she had would still be at the hydrant. She could possibly retrieve it and fix it up. After all, only the front tire was smashed.

As she walked off, however, she didn't go unnoticed.

"Hey there, babe...."

"Oh, good Lord...."

A scruffy-looking guy was walking up to her, grinning as he came close to her. She wrinkled her nose in disgust; she could smell the marijuana radiating off of this guy. Determined to drive him off, she kept walking, pointedly ignoring the guy even as he walked behind her. He started to speak to her, something that was already starting to irk her. "You look like you could use some company...." He drawled, grinning toothily.

"Maybe I do." She shut her eyes stubbornly, refusing to allow herself to look back at the druggie. "But not with you, sleeze."

"Aw, c'mon...." He insisted, continuing to follow her. Had he gotten a bit closer to her? She was already feeling discomfort as it was!

"Go. Away." Her voice was getting more aggravated, and she opened one eye. Her mouth contorted into a slight scowl. Her free hand was slowly reaching into her red coat pocket, but she made sure he didn't get too suspicious. She really didn't want to have to use it, considering that she was in public.... but if the punk didn't leave her alone, there would be nothing left to resort to. Silently, she started praying, hoping that the tables would turn into her favor very soon.

"Don't be like that, girl...." The man continued on. "I see how you're always riding on your bike with no one there to drive you back to your workplace and back home. The least I could do is be your little....escort." The emphasis on the word almost made her want to puke, and her free hand was shaking as it reached closer....

Headlights blinded them, before turning, leaving them both slightly stunned. It seemed the woman had reached the point she had been hoping to reach! In the few moments the car headlights had been trained on them, if she looked to her left, she could've seen her completely wrecked bike.

Patrick paid no mine to either of them. All that there was now was him, Zelda, and Ganon! A whole night of monster-slaying princess-saving action! He could hardly wait. Nothing would stop him from launching himself out of his car, onto the sidewalk, and into his house! He'd been so rudely interrupted before... But now, he had a whole nine hours to do whatever he wanted!

Fortunate or unfortunately, Nihilana had one more use for him.

As the woman slowly opened her eyes, she saw the car stop in the driveway. A smile lit up on her face, and without warning, she sprinted into a run across the street (but not before realizing it was clear - she wasn't that stupid!). The man's eyes widened in surprise at the unexpected action, but she paid no mind to it. All she cared about was the opportunity of escape with positive results! As soon as he stepped out of the door, he was met with a shout.


A set of arms wrapped around his neck, the embrace being genuine in appearance. "I was just about to call you!" She exclaimed, boldly moving up to give him a kiss on the cheek. Hopefully, his reaction, whatever it was, wouldn't be of denial. To hint him on her plan, she gave him a wink, her smile turning sly for a brief moment. Then, she maneuvered her arms so that they would be wrapped around one of his. She faced the approaching (and seemingly ignorant-of-the-situation) drug addict with a glare. "This dirty man's been following me around right after I left from work...."

He blinked. She had... kissed him? Sure, it was only on the cheek, but... Was she a nutcase or something? He had only spoken to her once; did she have some kind of disorder where she attatched herself to people even if they'd only had limited social interaction?

But, even with the short amount of time he'd been allotted, it wasn't hard for Patrick to piece together what she was doing. "Has he now?" Patrick sent the man a glare, and moved his jacket to the side slightly, fully exposing both his gun and his badge.

"What the--"

Immediately, the drug addict's eyes widened, and he immediately backed off. "Hey, woah, man!" He exclaimed, raising his hands up. "All right, I get the message.... I'm outta here...." Reluctantly, he turned around and walked off in a random direction. Hopefully, now that this message came into play, Nihilana would never see the bastard again. She huffed a little, releasing her grip on Patrick once she was sure she was gone. Then, she turned to him, putting on an air of sheepishness as she placed her palms together.

"I'm so sorry about that...." She spoke, her tone as well as expression showing embarrassment. "But I had to make it look convincing. You know, people don't get the idea that someone's a couple until they see some form of intimacy, right?" Once she spoke that sentence, she gained a more serene and relaxed look about her. "So, thanks for going along with it....." She looked down to her feet, suddenly interested in the moving of one foot. The sheepishness returned slightly. "...I'm going to have to pay you back for catching you off guard like that, won't I...?"

"If this were a cheesy romantic-comedy, I'd start to develop feelings for you right about now."

Patrick's eyes narrowed at the woman, and as his glare lifted, he showed a rather jesting look. "But it's not. If you want to go to bed with me to pay me back, I'd be very grateful, but for some strange reason I can't see that happening." He scratched the back of his head, before smiling and speaking again. "I could drive you home."

Unfortunately, this did not keep her mind on one track.


Her voice was shrill as she exclaimed the word, her head snapping up to stare at Patrick with a mixture of shock, disbelief, and disgust. "Oh, for the love of Jesus Christ!" She protested indignantly, her fingers in a reverse clawed position, the position in where a person was explaining something in an exclamatory or angered fashion. "What kind of woman do you think I am, Mr. Police Officer? There's no way I would go so far just to return a favor....nnngh...." She shivered for a moment, in quite a comical fashion. Her hands clutched their opposite forearms. "Ooooh.... Oh, God.... just.... never in my life, I would die!!! Bad enough that you scared me to half-death, now you just made me feel dirty for asking.... thanks a lot...."

"Geez, geez, calm down, it was just a joke..." He chided, motioning in a reassuring manner. "I-I mean... Unless you really want to -- If you did I'd be all for it -- but really, it was a joke... So, do you want that ride home, or do you want to walk the rest of the way by yourself getting stared at by druggie creepers?"

Nihilana kept a stern glare onto him, although it was a rather comical look for her. "Yeah, I think I'll go with the ri--"


Something dropped out of her coat. Her eyes widened in surprise, and she looked down to find a syringe having fallen out. "Ah!" She exclaimed, a bit alarmed. She immediately bent down, grabbing the syringe and stuffing it back within her coat pockets. "Mmmh... stupid thing...." She murmured, standing back up and turning around in order to start her walk to the passenger side. However, there would've been enough time for Patrick to see it clearly before the nurse had repocketed it again.

"Uh... Am I going to have to arrest you for the possession of narcotics?" Patrick asked quietly. It wasn't as if he'd stepped away from the car, so he just slipped back in and turned it back on. "Answer quickly, you're cutting in on my video game time."

Immediately, Nihilana stopped in her tracks, head hanging a little for a moment in yet another comical moment. However, she turned around, a skeptical look on her face. "Narcotics?" She asked, raising an eyebrow in skepticism. However, her eyes widened in realization. "Oh, no, of course not! What you just saw was nothing but an empty syringe. Since I'm...." She couldn't help but chuckle a little at his statement. "....cutting in on your video game time, I'm sure you wouldn't want to hear a boring explanation." That being said, she turned around and walked around the car in order to get into the passenger's side.

"You little nerd...." She thought to herself, smiling in amusement.

"Keep smiling to yourself, and I'll blackmail you into fucking me, you little slut." Before she had a chance to retaliate or get out, he had already left the driveway. This time, he drove normally. He was in no rush. In fact, he rather enjoyed the time he was spending with the woman. "It wouldn't hard to plant some drugs on you."

Nihilana folded her arms across her chest, looking at him a bit huffily. The smile had faded under his words, and she was once again staring at him with slight indignation. "Well, Mr. P.O...." She retorted. "You must not have a clue of my medical records. You can check them all if you're that eager to put me in that position, but you're not going to find anything that'll help." She turned away from him, closing her eyes and turning away from him in a huff you would've expect a cartoon wife would give her husband when refusing to listen to him. "I'm clean as pure oxygen, thank you very much!"

"Ha...!" Patrick let out a very audible scoff at her statement, and he even took his eyes off the road to stare at her incredulously. "There's always room to start, sweetheart. Especially since you work in a hospital; some of the pills in the hospital's store go missing, and mysteriously end up in your house. Who do you think they'll believe; a druggie who crashes into fire hydrants and vaults themselves into the middle of the road, or a decorated L.A.P.D. detective who happened to witness a nurse stealing medicine from her patients?"

Nihilana let out a huff, returning his incredulous look with what looked similar to a "¬_¬" face. "Hey, just because I had a blonde moment doesn't mean I'm addicted to drugs!" She argued. Inwardly, she was liking the discussion they were having, even if it was about potential blackmail of her. "'Sides, like I said, I've got a clean bill of health on me. No one would believe a so called decorated L.A.P.D. detective, who sped through THREE red lights and drove recklessly in heavy traffic, over the good old truth, logic, and facts. There's no blackmailing the most pure out of Los Angeles!"

Immediately, she re-coiled at her statement.

"Wait a minute...pure?" She repeated, before bursting out into laughter. She slapped a hand to her forehead. "Oh, I can't believe that just came out of my mouth! That sounded so.... out of style!" She exclaimed mirthfully. "I've been reading too much literature...."

"So pure, and so modest, too! Where's your house? Unless you expect me to find it through the use of ESP?"

" can do that?"

For a moment, Nihilana stared at him blankly as if what he had just said was able to come true. Well... now that she thought about it.... he did look like the kind of guy who would be hiding a superpower within him...

Patrick stared back incrediously. "No, you fucking retarded bitch. What's your address?" The car slowly lulled to a stop as he waited for her directions. For all he knew, they could have passed it by now!

Nihilana grimaced slightly. "The language isn't necessary. And I do have a name, you know...." Her eyes drifted towards the windshield again and she peered. "Let's see... you're heading near 309 W. Beverly Blvd. Just keep going straight for five blocks and you'll be there. It's the blue house on your right." She instructed, sitting back in the chair and folding her hands in her lap as she did so.

"Oh, right. You must mean the name you just mentioned but didn't bother to tell me." Patrick kept driving at a steady pace. They'd get there soon enough. "My name is Patrick. My last name isn't important. What's yours?"

A soft sigh escaped the blond's lips. She propped one of her elbows of the "arm" of the door, her balled up hand pressing against one of her cheeks. "Nihilana Chambers." She answered simply. Unlike him, she was willing to share her last name. Didn't really matter, did it? At least he wouldn't get her confused with another Nihilana.

"Well. Here you are."

As he rolled to a stop, Patrick sent over a condescending look her way. "Get out. I want to get home already. Try not to get stalked by druggies who obviously have no taste in women, okay?" With a click, the doors unlocked. Nihiliana was free to leave whenever she pleased.

Nilihana rolled her eyes and shook her head. "Yes, sir...." She retorted, grabbing the door handle and popping it open. "Do try not to break anymore laws yourself, Mr. Patrick." That being said, she stepped out of the car and shut the door behind her. Her feet moved her slowly, but readily towards the closed door of her home. As the car drove away, she slowly reached for the doorknob. If she was unhindered, the first thing she would do is collapse onto the couch and go straight to sleep! However, if her son was insisting.... no worries. She would tend to him first.

She pushed the door open, and was instantly greeted by a set of 12-year-old arms wrapping around her waist. The force of the lunge almost knocked her off of her feet. "All right, all right!" She exclaimed, laughing softly and embracing her earnest son back. "I've missed you too, dear..." She leaned downward, planting a kiss onto the boy's forehead. "Did you do your homework?"

"Yes, Mom...." The response was followed up by a yawn. Half-yawn, his eyes widened, and he clamped his hands to his mouth. "I-I'm not sleepy!!" He protested, stepping back from her and releasing her. "The boogeyman made me do it, I swear!" All he got was a falsely stern look from his mother.

"Well, I think the boogeyman's getting so tired of your running around the house that you're both ready to go to bed."

Malcolm frowned, but didn't bother to fight it. "Yes, Mom...." He reluctantly relented.

"Good. Now, shoo! Up to your bed!"

He didn't waste any time turning on his heel and sprinting up the stairs. The blond mother watched him silently, arms folded across her chest. When he was out of sight, she unfolded one of her arms and pulled out the syringe that she had within her coat pocket. She took a deep breath, shaking her head as a shiver ran through her. Not saying a word about it, she turned around and headed straight to the kitchen...

Welcome to Earth Edit

Sadow was strapped into the drop pod, sealed tightly into it. He breathed out a deep sigh and Kiwi asked over the intercom built-into the pod "Feeling okay, Sadow-sama?" He nodded "Yeah, it's just... keep in touch at all times, alright? Same with you, Otto." The machine replied "I will, sir." He looked out of the window in his pod down at the planet as the entire ship cloaked into invisibility. His invisible pod was launched out of the ship and was sent soaring down to Earth. Blue flame shot out from the bottom as it increased in speed, plummeting farther and farther. To those who saw it, Sadow's pod would've looked like a comet. He saw, out of the window, the bright lights of L.A. at night. Kiwi updated "Adjusting landing proximity. Decreasing thruster speed." Sadow closed his eyes tight and braced himself for the impact his landing would cause. So it begins...

In the house of the Chambers, all was still.

Malcolm had long fallen asleep, his snoring echoing throughout the walls. However, Nihilana herself had not bothered to walk all the way up to her room in order to fall asleep. Instead, she was laying in a comfortable position on the sofa. However, she was motivated enough to grab a heavy blanket in order to keep from freezing to death in her sleep. She had long ago dismissed herself from her nurse uniform, leaving behind a sleeveless and black undershirt with matching-color bloomers. She was laying on her side, with the blanket only covering the entirety of her legs. One of her arms was hanging off the side in a lazy manner.

Underneath it, the syringe was seated a few inches away. Small drops of water surrounded it in a small pool, staining the carpet underneath.

Sadow closed his eyes tight as his pod crashed into a house, crushing a fridge underneath. Or launched it further down. Either way, Sadow's pod was now where Nihilana's fridge had once been. It emitted a loud hiss as fumes wheezed out of holes in it. It's cloak had long ceased, electricity zapping all around it in random spots as the cloaking device died.


The vicious sound of steel smashing through the material of her house jolted her awake immediately. She was sent out from the comfort of the couch due to her alarm and right onto the floor, letting out a protesting yell as she did so. However, that was the least of her worries. Danger senses tingling, she fell to her hands and knees, her palms reaching underneath the couch. Without hesitation, she dragged out one of the tools for a situation - a Winchester Model 70 rifle. It wasn't recent that she had bought such a weapon. In fact, it had only been a few years ago, back when she was married.... she needed to buy it due to--


She shook the thoughts out of head, as they were sending a wave of disgust down her spine. With the rifle in hand, she ran towards the kitchen door. Once she reached it, she pressed her side against the door, her ear pressing in to listen on what was going inside. Whoever the renegade was that dared to bomb her house wasn't getting away through the front door - at least, not completely intact if she set her sights on him/her. The Winchester Model 70 was holstered at her side, ready to be raised.

The steam finally ceasing, the pod door slid free and fired forth, slamming into the cabinets across the room. Blue steam filled the pod and, as it cleared, a choking Sadow crashed onto the floor, suffocating due to his armour not being pre-fixated to Earth's air. He quickly scrambled to adjust it, his hands working the knobs as he struggled to inhale. Finally, when the knob stopped he managed to take in a solid breath and used his second to yell into his communicator "KIMI YOU DUMBASS! I TOLD YOU TO ADJUST THE AIR LEVELS BEFORE I WAS DETACHED!" Kiwi replied "I-I'm sorry, Sadow-sama! It won't happen again! I swear!"

"What in the....?"

Air levels?


Right off the bat, the intruder was sounding like a loony. That only made Nihilana's grip tighten on her weapon. She narrowed her eyes, her heart accelerating. If the guy was possibly insane, then there was no way negotiation would work. It would all depend on how far he was gone.... if there was still a part of him that was willing to listen to forceful demand, then she wouldn't have to actually use this weapon tonight. It was all a big risk.... what if he was armed? What if he was a killer? What if she didn't choose right, or didn't react in time?

If she died.... what would become of her son?

That thought alone made her take in a deep breath, her resolve strengthened. Backing away from the door a bit, she gave herself some running distance before lunging forward....


With her shoulder, she slammed the door open and stormed a few steps away from the doorway, raising her shotgun to point at the attacker of her home. "Don't move, or you're going back to wherever hole you came from head--"

Then her eyes fell onto the now visible pod, her pupils shrinking in shock.


It looked like something that came from a space movie. She almost dropped the gun in shock, her breathing hitched a little at the sight. She couldn't believe her eyes; she blinked several times as if to force the ship away from her sight like an illusion. But it didn't work.... it was sitting there in all of its crashed glory. "What the hell....?" She muttered under her breath, trying to piece together what was going on here.... was that what the guy meant by what he said before....?

He turned to her and yelled back into his communicator angrily "DAMMIT, KIWI! I TOLD YOU TO SEND ME TO A REMOTE AREA WITH NO LIFE! I AM NOW IN FRONT OF A HUMAN!" She replied once more "S-Sorry!" Otto added "You really should work on your trajectory aim, Miss Kiwi."

"....if this is a dream, I really hope that Malcolm happens to come along and wake me up as soon as possible."

Now the defensive feeling was fading away. Nihilana looked dumbfounded, but she lowered the rifle a little. It all seemed too much like one of those bad sci-fli flicks on TV. Apparently, some sort of humanoid alien had just crashed-landed into her kitchen. No public landing.... no preparation beforehand.... not even one of those "We come at peace" lines. Now, even as she wielded death aiming straight for his heart, he was busy arguing with someone on his walkie-talkie. Apparently, this man didn't fear death.... but what could've pacified it--

"Mom! MOM!"

Immediately, she jerked her head in surprise as Malcolm immediately ran by her side, his eyes darting towards her for a moment. "I heard this humongous crash and--"

However, he stopped immediately upon feasting them onto the pod, widening them to comical proportions. "....woah...." He spoke, clearly awe-struck by the sight in front of him. "....if that's not a life-sized version of an E.T. spaceship, I don't know what is...."

Sadow turned to them and unsheathed a large sword-like weapon. "Don't move, Earthlings! What Quadrant of this planet am I in?!"

"Oh, crap..."

One of a Kind Edit

Immediately, Nihilana raised the rifle again, this time raising it at the hip. Malcolm immediately jumped back, jerking behind his mother out of surprise. However, the blond was feeling a bit of an edge now. A sword? Against a gun? She'd have no problem killing him if he tried to attack her. Therefore, a bit of relief crawled into her. Still.... if the guy was threatening them, there was no reason not to take him seriously. "'re in the country of the United States and the city of Los Angeles, California....." She said carefully, not allowing her nervousness to slip through her tone. "I don't exactly know how you describe quadrant, but that's the closest thing I can come up with.

"Now, who are you?" On that last sentence, her tone was demanding in an effort to force some intimidation into the man as much as possible.

Sadow's eyes narrowed threateningly "You are in no position to be asking me questions."

A shiver raced through Nihilana, but she held firm. "I think I'm entitled..." She fired back, slightly tightening the finger on the trigger. "If I don't get you, the police will, so either way, you're not getting out scot-free...." She was ready to shoot now, but was still holding back. She could just end his life as of this minute, seeing as how he didn't seem to know how human guns worked.... but, if she did that, then she wouldn't be able to get any information out of him. Plus, they needed to cooperate if that plan was to succeed.... because of the violent display thanks to his landing, there would be neighbors approaching, and even police....

Sadow raised a brow curiously "Police?" What were these police? Were they a military force?

"The moment they come across here, they'll see this, apprehend and arrest you." The blonde said firmly. "You try to resist, and they'll kill you."

Sadow raised both brows in interest "I see. Why not simply kill me on the spot...?" He shook away the question "Quick, human! Where is the nearest remote settlement!"

"You're not going to find any near here...." Nihilana's stance relaxed once more, but she kept her aim up. "This city is too far populated for any remote settlements.... for now, you're just going to have to hide out for a little while. If you're willing to work with me.... I can get you out from the public's radar." She waited a few moments for his reaction. Hopefully, she wouldn't be rejected outright.

Sadow immediately, with no questions agreed "Alright. What do you propose?" She seemed trustworthy enough.

"....for starters...."

A sweat-drop fell down Nihilana's face, her eyes drifting down towards the shotgun she wielded. "...we could find somewhere to ditch these weapons." After all, what would the law do if they caught her with a shotgun and him with a sword? They both would be in trouble. Slowly, she lowered the gun, causing Malcolm to peek from behind her and look at it for a moment.

"Hey Mom, since you have that, won't the police--"



"This is one of those times where Mommy asks you to be quiet."


Sadow pointed to Malcom and asked "What is that? A subordinate? Are you a leading figure in this civilization?"

....Did he seriously just call my son my minion?

She was going to have a lot of work to do.

"What?" She raised an eyebrow, stooping down to the boy's level to wrap an arm around his shoulder and bring him closer. "Haven't you ever heard of children before? This is my son... you know...." Looking a bit helpless, she swung her free hand around in a motioning emphasis as if trying to conjure up the memory with physical force. "Offspring?" She offered.

Sadow raised a brow "Shouldn't he be training for his work? Why is he still here with you? Is he sick?"

Malcolm stared blankly at the man, pupils gone and replaced by comical, white circles. He would've immediately questioned, but Mom had told him to remain silent! So he would trust her to handle the guy's questions.

Nihilana frowned, tilting her head to the side for a moment. She lifted herself back up, using her own rifle as a crutch. "What kind of work do you mean?" She asked quietly, looking at the man intently.

Sadow replied sternly "Depends on his skill set. He could be a soldier, miner, crafts-master..."

....what in the hell did they teach back at where he came from?!

The nurse's sweat dropped. "Uh..." She muttered, scratching the back of her head with her free hand. "I suppose that much I don't have to explain for long... you see, he's only twelve. Most don't get jobs until they're 18 or so, so he's simply too young. Plus, he's already attending what you would call "training". It's school."

Sadow was completely perplexed. "Then why isn't he still there...?" It made no sense. He only visited his mother on family occasions of the utmost importance, like a funeral or wedding.

"Because school for today ended a while back. They have a certain time limit before they close for today. Then they re-open the next day and continue the same pattern. Only on days like Saturday and Sunday he doesn't go to school."

Sadow looked down at the boy in pity "Then how will he gain the fundamental knowledge to succeed if he is taking so many breaks?!"

"What are you talking about?"

Both Nihilana and Malcolm spoke this at the same time. Briefly, they looked at each other in alarm before snapping their gaze back to Sadow. Nihilana cleared her throat, once again taking up the role of the main speaker. "All right.... how long do children on your....planet..... stay at their school?" She questioned, placing her free hand onto her hip.

Sadow sheathed his sword, acknowledging the idle conversation "Our people keep our young in training until they come of age, when they must prove themselves in the field to better our race."

All right! She got him to sheathe his weapon.

In response, she lowered her rifle in order to express her own trust in him. A smile came across her face. "Sounds to me like a Sparta-esque type of life." She remarked, backing out of the kitchen. She raised a free hand to motion for the man to follow, as well as her son. Her ears listened intently - strangely, she wasn't picking up the sound of any sirens....yet. Did the neighbors think that it was all part of a dream they were having? It would be the luckiest moment of her life if she did so. "C'mon.... take a seat in the living room. I'm getting pretty tired of just standing around. Legs get tired after while, you know?"

Sadow sat as well. Such strange yet... comfortable furniture. Not like the cold, hard ones of his planet. So soft... He carressed the seat of his chair slowly, admiring the softness of it.

Watching him, the blonde smiled in amusement, putting the tips of her fingers to her bottom lips. "Oh... what, is your girlfriend back at home some sort of alien couch?" She teased him. Malcolm grinned, laughing a little at the joke his mother made.

Sadow raised a brow "No, she is on my ship." He assumed that when she said girlfriend she meant a friend who happened to be of the opposite sex. Since Kiwi was's race was enslaved by the Vextrians and she was baught into servitude by Sadow since he was little, they grew up together and, essentially, became trusted friends. Otto was merely a construct Kiwi's relative made and sent to her in exchange for large amounts of currency. Aside from the annoying chatter and bickering, it was worth it.

Unfortunately, this was where they misunderstood each other.

Nihilana's eyes widened at the calm tone into his voice, the hand moving higher to cover her whole mouth. From the way he made it sound, he had already settled into a comfortable position with this so-called girlfriend! There went the possibility of teasing... "Was that who you were talking to... or rather, yelling at, just a minute ago?" She asked, wanting to learn a bit more.

Sadow nodded "Of course." So curious. And also so surprised. He didn't like this.

"Hmm...." Her curious voice took on a slightly amused tone. "From the way you speak so comfortably, it would sound like you're already hitched and married, right?"

At this, he broke out in a rash. "Say what?!" He asked aloud "W-What?! No! We're just friends!" Kiwi cited in "What is it, Sadow-sama?! Your heart rate is skyrocketing!"

"Huh?" A rather skeptical and slightly confused expression came across Nihilana's face. She tilted her head to the side a bit. "But when I mentioned girlfriend, you didn't seem to care that much...." Was the guy lying somewhere? Or did he misunderstand her in any way? Would it be yet another Earth-custom-only thing that she would have to explain?

Sadow grimaced and replied "No... Everything's fine. No need for concern." She worriedly replied "Are you sure?" He frowned "Yes, Kiwi! I am fine!" He turned to Nihilana "Exactly! Girl-friend! She is my friend and a girl! Is that not what you meant?!"

A snicker escaped from Nihilana's mouth, before she could hold it in.

Then, a set of giggles.

Then, outright laughter.

"Ahahahahah!!!!" She slapped a palm onto her forehead. God, the guy was probably some sort of elite fighter from some other planet and yet he sounded so.... stupid! How could it not be hilarious, given her current situation? She was probably pissing him off, but she couldn't help it! It was just too funny.

He fumed with rage. How dare she laugh at him!? What was so damn funny anyway?! "What could you possibly be laughing about?!"

"I'm sorry....!" The blond managed to gasp out, wiping a way a tear. She managed to re-compose herself rather quickly "It's just that.... well, obviously the term "girlfriend" is just too different between where you and I come from." Once again, she folded her hands behind her back. "Here, and for a guy, a "girlfriend" refers to a woman that you have an attraction to, a girl that you love. I thought this.... Kiwi person was just that, your lover."

Sadow rash worsened and Kiwi run back in "Sadow-sama! Your heart rate!" Sadow fumed back "I know about my damn heart rate!"

She could hear Kiwi.... but Kiwi didn't seem to hear her, apparently.

"Oh, well..." The blond woman shrugged lightly. "Disappointed my expectations, though...." She walked over, bending down in order to pick up the fallen syringe. "Look.... since attention has yet to be drawn to the crash in my kitchen, I think I'll be able to go back to sleep again." Placing it onto a nearby counter, she flopped herself down onto the couch. "Good Lord, I'm so tired...."

Sadow frowned at her "Where do I sleep?" He really didn't need to but it was better to see how these humans slept. It may be a weakness he could exploit.

"You sleep?"

It was a joke, but Nihilana promptly hopped off of the couch and folded her arms across her chest, her head slowly turned in the direction of the upstairs, where Malcolm had scurried off somewhere during their little talk. "Well.... if anything else.... I don't think it's any trouble if you sleep in my bed for now...." She commented, unfolding one arm in order to motion for him to follow. She immediately started to walk towards the stairs. "C'mon. I'll show you...."

"Hm. Courtesy and manners. An unexpected yet delightful trait." Sadow bowed his head respectfully in gratitude "Thank you, human. What may I call you?"

Her feet stopped at the bottom of the stairs.

She turned her head to look over at him curiously, before giving a smile in return to the bow. "Nihilana." She introduced herself. "And you are?"

He returned "Sadow." The smile was genuine. She was... a kind individual. A human he could trust. Excellent.

It was here that the blond was a bit self-conscious.

She looked down at herself, and mentally gawked in disdain. She was in nothing but a black undershirt and panties, and she had been parading around as if she was wearing real clothing! Her cheeks turned a bit red, and she had look away from Sadow for a moment. Smooth move for her, creating such an impression! Maybe he would've thought she was some sort of prostitute or street whore.... but, then again, it wasn't as if she was expecting an alien space pod to crash into her kitchen--

Ok, now she was sounding as if she was all normal.

"If this is a dream, someone wake me up as of this minute...!!!"

He gave a questioning look "What is it? Is something wrong?" What was her sudden dilema? Was she ill?

"!!! Uh, nothing, nothing!" Instinctively, she attempted to blow it off with a smile as she kept up the stairs, eventually reaching the top. "Just....thankful you haven't said anything about my rather skimpy appearance...." She thought to herself. At the very least, the guy was considerably polite.... when he wasn't attempting to kill her with that blade of his.

Eventually, she reached her room, grasping the doorknob. "Well...." She murmured hesitantly, pulling the door open and motioning inside. "Here we are. Take a load off, do what you need to do.... I'll be downstairs if you need anything, all right?"

Sadow raised a brow at her "But... you aren't going to do the traditional sleeping ritual?"


Sadow nodded confirmingly "It requires you to bow to me and proceed to... tuck me in." He grinned maniacally at her as he said this.

....was he kidding?

The grin on his face obviously meant he was getting some sort of humor out of this. She re-coiled a little, staring at him with a raised eyebrow and an expression of disbelief. There was no way a grown man would want to be "tucked in"! She had rarely known any guy to want to be neat as they fell asleep, after all. They all, according to what she knew, would just flop down and black out. Unless, of course, their mistress would require something else from them before going to sleep...

But, that was beside the point. "Eh...." She muttered, a bit uncertain about his intentions. "I don't mind doing that.... but.... before I do.... you able to change out of your clothing?" She indicated slightly the armor that he was wearing.

Sadow looked at his armour and back at her "Of course not. I'd die from a number of things if I did that."

"Well...." As she was speaking, she took this moment to walk past him. "Really, there's going to be the problem of hygiene if you don't. Unless you have some sort of gene in you that allows you to wear the same clothes over and over again without the consequence of increased body odor, I'm sure you want not to inhale your own stink the time that you'll be here...." She started her walk back down the stairs, giving a slight yawn.

Sadow slid under her blanket and thought to himself "It won't be long until my body itself adjusts to this oxygen and atmosphere. Then I won't need this armour." He had no intentions of sleeping. Here he was, in the enemies' clutches. They'd be ready to strike at any moment. He'd best be cautious.

" I'm so stupid....."

Immediately, Nihilana realized what Sadow's earlier request was. In an instant, she had zipped back up to her room and stood right beside the prostrate Sadow. She hummed quietly to herself, tucking in Sadow and stuffing the ends of the blankets underneath the matress. Then, she walked back over to him, looming over him for a moment. "Nighty nighty, Sad." She said cheerfully, giving a slight bow before turning around and walking off.

Hide and Seek Edit

He gave a comical cat face of slyness as Kiwi chimed in "What was that all about, milord?" while raising a brow skeptically, awaiting his explanation with folded arms. He replied haughtily "Toying with our soon-to-be enslaved, endigenous population, of course." Kiwi raised the other brow while lowering the other to emphasize her skepticism "Uh-huh." Otto kicked back in his seat and unfolded a magazine while muttering "Oh just let him do what he wants. It's his mission, afterall." He flipped a page, eyeing the machine parts with interest.


The loud knocking at the front door could easily be heard through the entire house. It seemed someone wished to see the mistress of the house. Through the windows, even with the curtains closed, the lights of a police vehicle were easily visible, though the siren was muted in an attempt not to disturb the peace of the quiet neighborhood.

"Looks like someone got attracted... act natural."

The blond put on a face of exhaustion, almost as if she had just woken up from a slumber. To put on a good act of grogginess, she blinked a couple of times and groaned a little as she walked unsteadily towards the door. She paused a few times, working out her hand before grasping the knob and pulling it open. Her eyes were closed, so she didn't notice who exactly was in front of her. "Good Lord, don't you know what time it is....?" She complained. "What the meaning of the word sleep means....?"

"... You've got a fucking hole in your ceiling the size of a bathtub, I can see over your shoulder and into your kitchen which now looks like ground zero of a meteor shower, and I can also see a pod that I can only speculate is of alien origin. That's open. You obviously haven't been sleeping, and your charade of groginess is betrayed by you lack of eye crust. I have some questions for you, Nihiliana."

Patrick eyed the woman suspiciously. This was like something out of a video game! He was so excited...! But he had to keep his cool -- he absolutely had to keep his cool. He wanted to see this alien, so he had to keep his cool...

"Fuck off...! Do you enjoy bothering me this time of hour....?! Go play your video game or something, you nerd!!!"

If she was a harsher woman, that was what she would've said at the moment. Instead, she blinked a few times, staring at the man with slight irritation. "....Patrick...." She muttered, opening one eye to rub her eye with a balled fists. "I get it... this is one of those visits where you police come at my door and use some sort of trick to find an excuse to get me arrested for nothing..." She muttered, almost in a babbling manner. "Well, mister...." Abruptly, she raised a finger to poke him roughly in the chest. "I'm... not falling for it. My kitchen, no matter what you happen to think of it, is fine as it always has been. You really suck at trick questions, you know that....? I can just turn around and show you--"

She slowly turned her body towards the kitchen.... and froze.

Her eyes widened slightly at the damage, the pod, the hole in the ceiling....

Slowly, she raised one hand, slapping her face in a moderately rough manner before blinking a few times.

Then, she took a deep breath.


"Oh... So you didn't notice the ball of hellfire fall from the sky and crash through the roof of your home... riiiiiiiiiight..."

Patrick took this oppurtunity to attempt to walk past the woman, and into her home. Surely, she would let him inspect it...! He really wanted to!

"I....I only heard a bang....!" Nihilana was still staring in complete and absolute shock at the damage, the disbelief written all over her face. "I was sleeping.... I thought I was dreaming when I came to check it out, so.... I just... went up to my room and...." She stopped herself right there, falling on her knees and continuing to stare at the wreckage. "This.... this just can't be happening...." She whispered, her voice having been stripped of all its power.

"Uhm... Hey..."

Patrick squatted to her level, in front of her, blocking her view of the disaster area that was once her kitchen. He placed one strong, reassuring hand on her shoulder and looked her right in the eye. "Look... Why don't you go back to sleep, and in the morning, you call your insurance agency. They probably cover this sort of thing... Acts of god, and whatever. I know the house isn't uninhabital, but if you need a place to stay, you're more than welcome at my house. I'm sorry for disturbing you this early in the morning, Nihiliana..."

The blonde nodded shakily, looking at him with a mixture of fear and relief. "Th...thank you, Patrick...." She managed to answer, voice shaken. Slowly, she allowed herself to stand up, hugging her arms to her chest. "I...I'm just going to sleep this off....hope I can come up with some way to deal with this in the morning..." Looking at the detective one last time, she gave a hesitant nod before walking unsteadily towards the steps. She was muttering continuously, "What have I done to deserve this....? I've been a good child, haven't I, Lord...?" all the way up to her room.


He waited until she was out of sight before he stood, walked out of the door, and shut it quietly. As Patrick looked back at the house one last time, he frowned. It really was unfortunate that something like that would happen to someone like her. But, it couldn't be helped. It would be fixed, in time. In fact, he couldn't help but feel that she was being a bit too dramatic about it...

But then he tolled in how she wouldn't be able to feed her family or anything, and it all made sense.

With little difference to the neighborhood, Patrick left for home.

The door shut behind him.

A triumphant smile crossed Nihilana's face once she heard Patrick leave, clearly satisfied at the results. Patrick didn't suspect a thing! But, there would be the problem of housing Sadow freely now that there was the threat of even more eyes spotting the crashed life pod. However, it was something she would have to act on during the night-time. For now, she was just exhausted from the lack of sleep. She feared Patrick coming back, so she waited for a moment until she was sure the detective had left. Then, she quickly raced down the stairs to lock the door again before heading back upstairs to her room.

She opened the door, a slightly sheepish look on her face. "Sad...?" She whispered. "You awake?"

Sadow stood rummaging through her dresser for what he thought were potential weapons she could use against him. Clothes were strung out on her bed. As she opened the door and peeked in, he looked equally sheepish back at her, holding a pair of her undergarments in his hand by pinched fingers. Oh crap...


Whatever look she had was now replaced by pure shock, mouth agape, and her eyes widened in what was to be a comical expression. "W....what in you....doing?!" She managed to stutter, her eyes drifting towards her clothing. " crash your pod near my house and now you''re going through my underwear drawer?! What were you LOOKING for?!" By this time, her shock was immediately fading into embarrassed anger, a blush clear and spread on her face as she glared angrily at the man.

He smiled, blushing in shame "Err... a spare blanket?" Crap in a bucket! That was a cheap excuse! He dropped her undergarments back in the drawer and closed it in an attempt to appease her.

The blonde's eye twitched, before she let out an aggravated sigh, putting her face in her hands. The guy didn't seem to give a care that she was wearing an undershirt and underwear. But he was going through her unmentionable drawer?! Despite being an alien, he was still such a.... guy! "Ugh.... those were in my closet...." She complained, a slightly irritated tone coming through her voice. Slowly, she walked towards the closet and opened it, grabbing the said blanket from off of the shelf. "That's not important, though. I'm going to sleep in here for tonight."

Triple-crap! How the hell am I going to research now! I'm cornered! "Err... But... That's really not necessary. I'm perfectly fine..." Kiwi would kill him if she discovered that he was sleeping with some woman other than her. But wait... they aren't dating. Why should he care? And why should she?

"One of the police just came to my house and questioned me. In that discussion, he suggested that I go up to my room to sleep. Just in case he stops by again, I'm going to have to look as blended in with the surroundings as possible..." Nihilana answered, her voice a bit nervous as she spoke the words. She couldn't believe this.... sure, it was only for disguise purposes, but she was still sleeping with another man! It was so ridiculous! Who in the universe hated her so much that they would put her into these situations!


Why her?

Sadow didn't know what to do "Um... well, err... Alright then..."

"Will you be sleeping on the floor, or with me? Because I'll be sleeping in the bed."

He blushed bright red, another rash starting to form "Err... I'll sleep on the floor..."

"Oh, thank god, I thought--"

Immediately, Nihilana stopped her thoughts.

"Wait a minute...." She turned towards Sadow with a huff, folding her arms across her chest. "What are you trying to say?" She asked skeptically, cocking an eyebrow at him. "Am I not good enough for you or something?" Mentally, she was cursing herself. But, to her, it sounded like he wasn't all that eager to sleep with her in the same bed! It was like telling her, "You're an ugly, repulsive bitch." Well, maybe not to that extent, but it hurt her pride a little!

Quadruple-crap! "Of course not! I just... thought you might want the bed to yourself... is all... But... if you want me to... I suppose I could..." He'd better shut off his transmitter so that Kiwi wouldn't hear their conversation.


Hoo boy, she was getting ideas.

A smile slowly crept across Nihilana's face, and she looked at him with a rather mischievous glint in her pupils. "Well, then.... I believe I want you to...." She finally decided, moving to sit onto the bed. She slid under the covers to the left side, reaching over and patting the other side in order to invite Sadow in. Truthfully, she was just teasing the poor guy to death - but she wanted to see how he'd actually react doing this!

Blood spurted out of Sadow's nose violently and he fought to control it, balancing himself via the dresser. "Err... Alright! Very well!" He motioned over and sat next to Nihilana on the bed, keeping his gloved hand over his bleeding nose coveringly.

"Oh, relax.... don't be so scared....."

Now that Nihilana saw Sadow was willing (although in an awkward way) to accept her offer, she allowed herself to lay back against the bed. Her hands were folded on the back of her head, her blonde hair scattered all around her. "It's not like we're in a relationship or anything, right?" She asked, hoping logic would get him to come to his senses. It wasn't just out of teasing that she was doing this - the poor guy would get cold sleeping on the hard floor by himself!

Sadow nodded repeatedly "Right..." Why did she want him in the bed anyway?! Was she trying to... court him? If courtship was anything like from where he was, things were about to get... messy.

"Now, I'm going off to sleep....." With a yawn and a deep breath, Nihilana closed her eyes. "See you in the morning...." She muttered, before lapsing off into silence.

"G-Goodnight..." Hesitantly, he leaned back and rested his head on the pillow laying on his side. Above, in their ship, Kiwi looked apalled as Sadow and Nihilana appeared on their screen. She was watching them from a tracking node meant to protect Sadow and warn him of threats that he wouldn't notice with his own vision. "W-W-W-What is he doing?!" Otto snidely asked "Jealous?" She ignored him and took full control of the ship "I'm going down there!" Otto immediately protested, his mechanical arms flailing frantically "Kiwi, no! Sadow gave us strict orders to stay in Earth's orbit!" Kiwi yelled back menacingly "I DON'T CARE!!!" and jerked the steering mechanisms forward, jerking the ship toward their position. Otto fell back from the force as Kiwi clenched her teeth and prepared to land the ship in L.A.'s bordering waters.

As the ship plummeted, it was cloaked but caught aflame during fall, making it appear as a shooting star. It was only when the ship crashed hard into the waters that the homeless, elderly men living in the docks discovered it was far larger than any shooting star. It caused waves of water to drench them, fish flapping hopelessly on the dock. The ship surfaced half-way and Kiwi popped out of a hatch, booming out over the city "SAAADOOOOOOW!!!!!" Her voice was enough to shatter some windows and peel paint from houses nearby.

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