Kishin Asura by Hanjee

The Agni, Rhoretto Het Felven

"The Vashadar Rhel are the only enemies the Vextrians can honestly claim to fear. -Sadow Yatsumaru

The Vashadar Rhel are a race of Neo-Existentialistic Aliens who are radically faithful in their beliefs and ready to spread their religion across the stars.

Laws Edit

The faith of the "Vaxtar Dekai" completely governs the majority of the race, at least on their homeworld. The Agni, Rhoretto Het Felven, acts as a sort of "Emperor" in a sense as he governs over the religion entirely and since said religion governs the race, as does he. The Agni is fair and just, at least in his view and the ones of his people, in deciding what happens to whom in regards to punishment and reward.

Vaxtar Dekai Edit

"We live in an existentialist world filled with existentialist people acting out on their existentialist beliefs, Vextrian. The body and mind desire contentment. An understanding must be made here." -Rhoretto Het Felven

Vaxtar Dekai is a religion formed by the Agni, Rhoretto Het Felven, on the planet Axpus IX. It dictates three main codes:

1. Honor is the currency of your soul.

2. Enlightenment is the pursuit of every individual.

3. Improvement is the pursuit of every race.

The Agni explains the first doctrine thusly: "One individual is only equal to another in terms of honor. If one displays chivalry, he is worthy of Par Traxtia. If not, he isn't. And the lesser individual will die wanting." Par Traxtia is the belief of the Vashadar Rhel afterlife, where one is perfectly at peace and content with his contribution to the world.

The second doctrine is explained: "When one reaches perfection in the mind, perfection in the body no longer matters." Thus, the mind and soul govern over the body and the pursuit of a "Nelwry" or "Truth" should be a personal goal to achieve in one's life.

Finally, the Agni explains the third doctrine: "Even though the mind is superior to the body, the body must strive to keep up or the mind will be anchored by it. A weak race is one that cannot uphold it's beliefs."

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